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Securing your bundle of joy.


Adopting a child in Alberta or Saskatchewan, whether it’s a step-parent adoption (1 adoptive parent) or a direct adoption (2 adoptive parents), can be complex. We complete all the necessary paperwork for you so that you can concentrate on the best part – enjoying your bundle of joy.

Step-parent Adoption.


When a step-parent wishes to adopt their step-child, the birth parents must consent, unless a court order is granted dispensing with the consent of the birth parent.  They must do so with a lawyer and obtain legal advice about the legal effects of the adoption.

Direct Adoption.

With a direct adoption, the birth parents will place the child for adoption with an adoption agency or directly with the adoptive parents.  They must consent to the adoption and sign the necessary paperwork with a lawyer.  Depending which province you live in, a home study may also be required.

There are several steps and significant paperwork that must be completed for an adoption to occur.  The process will typically take several months to complete.


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