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Child Support Guidelines Online Lookup: This tool from the Department of Justice can help parents  calculate how much child support is payable in their case.


Sesame Street Workshop – clip from AFCC website: These are great clips by Sesame Street for educating children about divorce.  


The Parenting After Separation Seminar:  This course is mandatory for all divorcing parents in Alberta and Saskatchewan with children under the age of 16.  This is the link to the Alberta version of the course, however, the Saskatchewan courts will also accept this course.  

Parenting After Separation for Families in HIgh Conflict:  This is a free online course that teaches you how to emotionally disengage from the other parent in the divorce and separation process.

Focus on Communication in Separation (FOCIS) Course:  This is a free course offered by the Alberta government to help you learn how to communicate effectively with your child’s other parent or guardian when you don’t live together.  This course can be very helpful in high-conflict situations.

Personal Budget: Creating a personal budget can be a very important part of ensuring your financial security after separation and divorce.  Here is the Excel version.


Client Guide to Questioning: Going through the Questioning process can be stressful.  The more you understand about the process, the more relaxed and prepared you will be to respond appropriately.


Glossary of Family Law Terms: This resource can be of assistance to help you understand the common terms that are used in the family law and divorce context.


Guide to Production of Documents: When your lawyer asks you to provide disclosure, read this Guide to assist you with this sometimes complex and time consuming task.

Saskatchewan Legal Coaching and Unbundling Pilot Project: Click here to learn more about a Saskatchewan pilot project designed to connect clients with lawyers who offer unbundled services.

Saskatchewan Court Forms: Click here for a link to the Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench forms.

Alberta Court Forms: Click here for a link to the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench and Provincial Court forms.  Different forms will apply to couples who were married and couples who were not.

Spousal Support Calculator: Click here for a basic calculator to assist you in determining a range of appropriate spousal support.

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