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Dividing property after separation


Whether you were married or not, you may need to divide the assets and debts accumulated during the relationship.  Dividing property requires the exchange of documentation with the other party.

Work together towards mutual agreement


If you are able to work collaboratively, we can assist parties to work together rather than against each other to complete this task.  When conflict is high and parties cannot work together, we can use experts to value property and negotiate through counsel, or ask the court to make a determination.  

The timeline for dividing property will depend on whether expert valuations are required and how well you and your former partner work together.  The process will be more time-consuming where experts are required or where there is a lot of disagreement about how property should be divided.  The timeline may also be longer if the courts are required to assist and a litigation process is followed.    


Your lawyer will be able to discuss these options with you, and arrive at the most appropriate resolution process for your situation.

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