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Legal Coaching

What is legal coaching?

Under the traditional model of legal representation, you hire a lawyer to represent you from start to finish of a legal matter.  The lawyer is responsible for drafting all court documents, negotiations, correspondence and representing you in court.  This model can be very expensive and is often cost prohibitive for the average person.

There are options for those who cannot afford the traditional legal representation model, or for those who prefer to maintain more control over their own legal matters.  Legal coaching is one of those options and it provides an answer to the access to justice issue.

A legal coach is a lawyer that you hire to provide legal advice and assistance on specific issues as they arise.  Under this model, you represent yourself, but the legal coach can help review court documents, plan strategy, do legal research or  advice about how to conduct yourself in court.  You get to pick and choose what issues you need help with, which helps minimize your legal fees.

Chantelle is a certified legal coach and is proud to offer services that bring affordable legal assistance to her clients.

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