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What is litigation?

Litigation (i.e. court) is a dispute resolution option when the parties involved are not able to resolve the matter or reach a mutually agreeable resolution.  Though Chantelle will generally advise you that court is the last place you want to go, it is an available option where agreement is not possible.  In family law, emotions often run high, making it more difficult to reach agreement.  In those cases, a neutral judge will impose a decision.


Chantelle is well versed in the rules and procedures of court, and will guide you through the litigation process.  This can involve preparing court documents, Questioning the other party under oath, attending court to advocate on your behalf, and preparing for and attending trial.

Attending court is a very difficult time for most people.  Chantelle's goal is to guide her clients through the litigation process, while bringing to them a sense of calm and professionalism.

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