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Unbundled Legal Services

What are unbundled legal services?

Under the traditional model of legal representation, you hire a lawyer to represent you from start to finish of a legal matter.  The lawyer is responsible for drafting all court documents, negotiations, correspondence and representing you in court.  This model can be very expensive and is often cost prohibitive for the average person.

There are options for those who cannot afford the traditional model, but still require some legal assistance.  With unbundled legal services, you can hire a lawyer to represent you for select portions of your legal matter.  The retainer agreement between you and your lawyer would specify exactly what steps the lawyer will be responsible for.  If you want help drafting court documents, but feel comfortable speaking in court, you would hire the lawyer to ghost your pleadings.  Or, if the thought of speaking in court makes you nervous, you can hire a lawyer just for that step.  Rather than hire a lawyer to handle your entire matter from start to finish (the entire bundle), you hire a lawyer to handle the specific elements you need help with (i.e. "unbundled").  You represent yourself, but a lawyer helps you if and when you need it.

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